It's the year 2012, the Apocalyptic prophecies have come true and the world is at an end. Demons have fled from Hell, and the Angels from Heaven to aid the humans still left on Earth. Join the darkness, fight for the light, or simply try to stay alive.
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 Razial- Angel of Mysteries and Keeper of Secrets

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Razial -Keeper of Secrets

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PostSubject: Razial- Angel of Mysteries and Keeper of Secrets   Wed May 16, 2012 6:40 am

Name: Razial (Alias: Willow)
Which Sphere of Heaven do you belong to?: The Primum Mobile
Type of Angel (Cherub, Seraph, Throne): Archangel
Job (e.g. Soldier, guard, Archangel etc): Keeper of the Book of Secrets, containing all past, present and future knowledge.


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Choppy and short bob
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Body Type: Slender, but strong.
Wing span: 5 foot
Dress Style: When on Earth, jeans and a t-shirt, when in Heaven, a white sun dress.
Scars: N/A
Tattoos: N/A

Character Information:

Character Likes:

Watching over Humanity with the Throne Angels
Enjoying Human food
The night sky

Character Dislikes:

Letcherous Demons
Needless destruction
Not knowing the answer to something.


Reading the book of Knowledge
Testing other Archangels on the past events in the Book of Knowledge
Wandering through Heaven's Spheres to converse with Plato.


Very good knowledge base
Strong from lugging around the book for so long


Can be a little too kind for an Archangel at points
Tries to see the good in everyone, even demons.
Puts herself in danger for others.

Background Information:

Razial is one of the main archangels of Heaven, she holds the book of Knowledge and therefore is one of the most important angels to protect during the apocalypse, however, she was not able to find any evidence of this in the Book of Knowledge which not only displeased her greatly, but made her ever more determined to find out exactly why there was no record of this for her to examine. Kept to secrecy over the future events Raziel is forbidden from speaking of them, and is often teased because of such things by her brotherly figure John. He too is a heavenly angel and they often watch over each other. At the moment she is searching for her destined partner, as all angels have one, as well as attempting to save as many humans as possible, and guide them out of danger.

Extra Info:

Weapon of choice:

A heavy whack around the head with her book.
Rays of intense light
A small dagger.
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Razial- Angel of Mysteries and Keeper of Secrets
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