It's the year 2012, the Apocalyptic prophecies have come true and the world is at an end. Demons have fled from Hell, and the Angels from Heaven to aid the humans still left on Earth. Join the darkness, fight for the light, or simply try to stay alive.
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 How you become a demon

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Azrael Angel of Death

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PostSubject: How you become a demon   Wed May 16, 2012 7:29 am

The premise here is that no one is created as a demon, but demons exist so they have to come from somewhere right? This thread is to explain where demons come from as well as the process of becoming a Fallen Angel ^^

1) Human dies
2) Human becomes a soul
3) Human soul is judged
4) Soul is found guilty of sin
5) If the soul is tainted enough it changes form into that of a demon
6) The soul keeps it's human name now that it's a demon

Becoming an Archdemon;
1) Demon is formed from a human soul
2) Demon grows stronger from battle
3) Demon wants to be an Archdemon
4) Demon fights the Archdemon it wants to replace
5) Demon wins fight and takes over as that Archdemon
6) Takes on the Archdemon's name

Becoming a Fallen Angel;
1) Soul is judged to be good
2) Soul becomes an Angel
3) Angel decides to swap sides
4) Angel allies with demons
5) Angel becomes a Fallen Angel
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How you become a demon
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