It's the year 2012, the Apocalyptic prophecies have come true and the world is at an end. Demons have fled from Hell, and the Angels from Heaven to aid the humans still left on Earth. Join the darkness, fight for the light, or simply try to stay alive.
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 Beleth (Jack Tate)

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PostSubject: Beleth (Jack Tate)   Thu May 17, 2012 3:40 am

Name: Jack Tate (Beleth)
Which Circle of Hell do you belong to?: Second Circle
Type of Demon: Demon
Job: Corruptor of innocence


Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Messy and long but often held back slightly
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 6 foot 3
Body Type: A strong man before his death due to working out on the gym, focusing on his upper body, Jack's athleticism transferred into a strong demonic body. He looks very close to human, only
Dress Style: When he was human Jack used to be concerned with his image, that of a successful man who got women whenever he liked. To that end he wore a lot of expensive clothing such as £2000 suits and the like. As a demon his taste in clothing had become more centred around leather, often found wearing black leather trousers and a long leather overcoat.
Scars: None.
Tattoos: None.

Creature Demons:

Horns: N/A
Animal Parts: N/A


Takes the form of his human body but with stronger muscles and yellow eyes. The only real indication that he is a demon at all are his yellow eyes which he is completely incapable of hiding in anyway as they burn through any contact lenses and no amount of demonic power can disguise them.

Character Information:

Character Likes: Women, gambling, success, being in control, being respected
Character Dislikes: Failure, not being in control, violence
Hobbies: Sex, poker, tormenting humans, bending humans to his will
Strengths: Manipulative, persausive, intelligent, ruthless
Weaknesses: Not combat minded, prone to anger if plans go wrong

Background Information:

When he was a human he was a businessman who enjoyed tremendous success. Using his money, fame, status and persausive abilities, Jack enjoyed a lot of success with the ladies as well, being known as something of a playboy. When he died however he was judged to be too tainted to go into heaven and we instead turned into a demon and given over to the wastes of Hell.

He was initially caught between belonging to either lust or greed but was taken in by the demons of lust. There Jack's entire focus for being changed from success and sex to sex and success, sex being his primary focus for everything he did from then on. As a demon he has been taught to dislike angels but as a lust demon he can't help but think that the best type of sex would be the kind of sex that corrupts angels, this becoming him his ultimate desire.

Extra Info:

Weapon of choice: Poison
Abilities of Demon: Persuasion
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Beleth (Jack Tate)
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