It's the year 2012, the Apocalyptic prophecies have come true and the world is at an end. Demons have fled from Hell, and the Angels from Heaven to aid the humans still left on Earth. Join the darkness, fight for the light, or simply try to stay alive.
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 Anastasia Dawn

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Anastasia Dawn


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PostSubject: Anastasia Dawn   Sun May 20, 2012 5:02 am

Name:Anastasia Dawn
Which Sphere of Heaven do you belong to?:Unknown
Type of Angel (Cherub, Seraph, Throne):Cherub
Job (e.g. Soldier, guard, Archangel etc):Angel of innocence


Hair Color:Red hair
Hair Style:She sometime put her hair up when the temperature goes up.
Eye Color:Green eyes
Body Type:She has child liked body of child. She has child liked body for the most part.
Wing span:four feet
Dress Style:She is known to wear clothes that where comfortable. That is tend to be loss and whatever looks good.
Scars:She has scar just about all over her body. She also has lash mark on her body and burn places but the face.

Character Information:

Character Likes:She liked books,her mother,her sister,artwork,reading,animals.
Character Dislikes:Boredom ,Snobby people,Bad people
Hobbies:Her hobbies are writing stories. The other thing was playing game.
Strengths:Her strength is rather normal that is. She can shift into eagle liked instead.
Weaknesses:Her weakness is demonic power and other such angel power.

Background Information:Anastasia was born to Anselm mother and she had father name Augustine. She had five sibling that is.She had three sister that is and three brothers.Her sister name was Allison,Lisa, and Sybil.Her three brother name were Cole,Joseph and George.For awhile the three of them live happy farm life.Then her mother got sick with cancer. She got sent to the hospital natural for it. While this was going on this women name Aloriie came to visit.Durring her visit some how her brother Joseph was found not breathing and he was just two year old. They took hospital.

At the same time it seem that her mother gave up the fight on cancer and died. She was not youngest no she was about 12 year old when her mother died. She had written letter to her mother about what was going on at home. She died soon after reading that heart felt sad note about the women. Then things went down hill her father soon married in 1918. Then her step mother would beat her with lash or piece of piece of wood.Then she had to deal with getting beat by her father with piece of wood.She gotten send to the hospital for treatment of an ulcerated foot that would not heal.There she stay in hospital a bit before she got to gone home.Then while in the hospital the judge there she withdrew her over alone.

"Listen You know.- Be careful what you say." He told her in a sharp tone.The little girl was alone with the him. She could barely walk or anything."Listen to me.– Tell me the truth, be honest." She was nervous and young that she told him a lied.That it was her brother and neighbor boy threw big rock at her and that they stab her.She keep repeating it but the judge had suspect-ion.But then he took to back to his parents. But still there was bad thing to come neighbor came over she knew that she was ill. She told her that she was upstairs but they did not let her see her.Then she never complain about anything.Then two day after she went upstairs without permission she was in corner of the attic on blanket and pillow in corner.She was holding potato and knife in one hand.She could barely support herself.

She told her neighbor that her told that her knee hurt very much but she never complain about anyone else.The neighbor did not question her any further.That when the neighbor went back downstairs told the women that it was best that she have her treat her that she was very ill.Her step mother respond to her.The child is my husband's; if he wants to have her treated, let him do so. If he brings me medicine, I will administer it to her."She was telephone and told to come back over that she was worst.She went unconscious.She need help carried her down stair and she never regain conscious that is. She died of blood poisoning on Feb 12 she was young when she died.

She was most innocent angel that was heaven she never really lied and or experience sex in human life because of the issue that was goodness angel and purest angel. She never once truly sin and that was it. Then while heaven she watch her father and step mother get arrest for there crimes against her.But when she died her sister embrace her dead body. It was so sad but at least it was over now. She did not feel any more pain.Then she watch her step mother was to hang for what she done but because twin she had they did not. But still another disease would take her life. Her father was release from jail for good behaved.Her father remarried take third wife she haunted him it seemed that she appear in book and movie till she could not stand it died of heart-attack.She hate the man yes and she was glad to make awareness of child abuse and death.

Extra Info:Her mother name after Anastasia the child who had been royal. Because she thought was wonderful person and long ago they thought she would become saint.

Weapon of choice:Crossbow
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Anastasia Dawn
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