It's the year 2012, the Apocalyptic prophecies have come true and the world is at an end. Demons have fled from Hell, and the Angels from Heaven to aid the humans still left on Earth. Join the darkness, fight for the light, or simply try to stay alive.
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 Autumn Court

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Autumn Court


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PostSubject: Autumn Court   Fri May 25, 2012 4:25 am

Name:Autumn Court
Home Town:Selem
Current Home:Greece
Type of Creature (Vampire or Werewolf):vampire

What type of Demon were you turned by?:Unknown vampire
What side are your loyal to? Humanity


Hair Color:Blond hair
Hair Style:Whatever mood she want to do with it.
Eye Color:blue eyes
Body Type:She is some what slender looking and has angelic look that they have that within painting.
Dress Style:Whatever looks good on her.
Scars:she has scar places on her neck and on stomach.

Creature Additions:She can read your surface thoughts in your head. Increased Speed - The vampire is able to move at a faster than usual speed when walking or running.
Enhanced Thought Perception - The vampire is able to begin blocking the thoughts of those within range, or increase the range at which they can perceive thoughts. Enhanced Senses - Touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight are all increased in sensitivity. The vampire can feel more textures in a single touch, taste all of the flavors of what they consume, smell things stronger and from further away, hear things louder and from further away, and see things clearer and from further away.
Enhanced Physical Strength - The vampire is stronger on average than a typical mortal. This strength can be increased much like with human strength by working out - a weak human will still be weak on vampire terms once sired.
Thought Perception - The vampire is able to be aware of the thoughts of those within close proximity to them.
Quick Healing - The vampire is able to regenerate more rapidly than humans when injured in any way. The vampire's body also returns to the state it was in upon death if physically altered, such as cutting or dying the hair.

Any Other Features Of Note:none

Character Information:

Character Likes:books,animal,artwork,blood
Character Dislikes:She has disliked of war that is.
Hobbies:She liked sew and write stories.
Strengths:She has vampire power and can take on mist liked shaped.
Weaknesses:Sunlight and other such weakness vampire have.

Background Information: Autumn was born along time ago before the end of world. She was born to royal countess that is. That is she was also part gypsy as well. But then before having her having married a Earl decide past off his child.But as she grew older she switch to cross-dressing as man because in that time she want answers on thing.They would not tell her she learn one hundred percent are not faithful to their wife at tavern she went too. On that day she promised to never get married. Then on way home by carriage ride a man got in there bitten her while in the carriage. She was turn and left to find out that she was vampire when she got home her mother threw out because what she been doing. So she lost home was force to stay in abandon home. Then she travel to Ireland she meet another vampire who help adjust to what she was.Despite her vows she had many lovers over the years.

But not really stuck out because they died of old age. One day she meet angel that was good.She try to help this angel she told her not to go into cave. But this vampire was bad new she could sense it but she did not heed her warning. Then when she went there to help her fellow angel she saw her on the ground by these men and they where torturing the angel and raping her. They went after her she was rape by second man and when she let out scream they would whip her and finally she went unconscious from all of it.

They where both vampire and she had try to help her but as she lay there she woke to find a sheet covering her up. The angel was gone she wait for night fall and she start to crawl down the cave naked and in pain from it all. Then on there was nothing but hatred from the men.Then the next the next thing of wandering she came upon Travis and help heal. The two men had to leave because Travis belong to big clan of vampire and they where chase right out of the town.It had scar her mental that is. She travel to Greece where she became Novice to the gods that is to Greek. She often wonder if any god could hear her prayer or maybe they stuff ears with the question why did such a thing have to happened that way. When Greek fell and she moved on to another place.

Then when she slept one year because of it for a couple of years she came back to the world the world was ending she had travel Salem and went to sleep and woke up to the world ending.She also discovery weapon such as gun she liked this weapon more because now it is good defends when it come to men.

Extra Info:She can be a quiet person.

Weapon of choice:Gun
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Autumn Court
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