It's the year 2012, the Apocalyptic prophecies have come true and the world is at an end. Demons have fled from Hell, and the Angels from Heaven to aid the humans still left on Earth. Join the darkness, fight for the light, or simply try to stay alive.
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 Heath Edwards

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Heath Edwards


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PostSubject: Heath Edwards   Fri May 25, 2012 7:29 am

Name: Heath Edwards
Which Circle of Hell do you belong to?: Fifth Circle
Type of Demon: Demon
Job: Soldier and corruptor


Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Rough and scruffy most of the time but can be pulled back into a neat ponytail if needs be
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6 foot 7
Body Type: Doesn't look heavily muscled, looks tall and rather skinny, but is actually very strong with no fat, only muscles
Dress Style: Usually found wearing a worn leather jacket and trousers. When not wearing these he can wear a suit or a leather overcoat
Scars: Small scar above his left eye, on his forehead
Tattoos: None

Creature Demons:

Horns: Short, pointed, horns that are hidden by his hair
Animal Parts: Horns on head, fingers can transform into talons


If None of the Above, what form does your Demon take?
Seen to be mostly human in appearance, there are several ways to tell that he is not actually human. The first is the horns hidden underneath his hair. The second is more obvious. Heath is unnaturally pale but the pale tint to his skin also seems to be closer to a light grey than white.

Character Information:

Character Likes: Fire, causing pain, storms, rain, lightning, revenge, killing
Character Dislikes: Being betrayed, rich people, calm weather
Hobbies: Twisting human minds towards revenge, fighting, killing
Strengths: Physically very strong, master manipulator, fast thinker, willing to do anytthing to attain his goal
Weaknesses: Prone to blind rage, can't fly at all

Background Information:
Heath was once a very happy person, when he was young he had a childhood friend whom he grew close to and the two of them were inseperable. When they grew older they began to be romantically attracted to each other. However, after a month away with her rich relatives, his friend came back a snob, who ditched him, and all their feelings, just because he wasn't the richest man in the neighbourhood.
Angered by this Heath ran away and came back five years later richer than anyone around. He used this money to bribe the authorities... as he killed his childhood friend, her husband, their child, their friends, his adopted brother and even their servants. He killed them all and sacrificed their souls to the demons below so that they would always be tormented and tortured the way he was everyday of his life.
When he died he was welcomed with open arms into the fifth circle due to his ceremonial execution of those who had wronged him. Heath has fully embraced the lifestyle of a demon, loving all of the killing.

Extra Info:

Weapon of choice: Knives, poison, guns and blackmail
Abilities of Demon: Hardened skin; so much so that it takes ten times the amount of force to pierce it
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Heath Edwards
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