It's the year 2012, the Apocalyptic prophecies have come true and the world is at an end. Demons have fled from Hell, and the Angels from Heaven to aid the humans still left on Earth. Join the darkness, fight for the light, or simply try to stay alive.
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 Ariel Angel of Nature

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Ariel-Angel of Nature


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PostSubject: Ariel Angel of Nature    Wed May 16, 2012 7:14 am

Name: Aria Nightingale
New Name: Ariel Angel of Nature

Which Sphere of Heaven do you belong to?: The Primum Mobile
Type of Angel (Cherub, Seraph, Throne): Archangel
Job (e.g. Soldier, guard, Archangel etc): Archangel


Hair Color: Brow
Hair Style: Long and wavy
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4
Body Type: lithe and curvy
Wing span: 4 feet
Dress Style: Airy clothing
Scars: None
Tattoos: None

Character Information:

Character Likes: Animals, Elements, Nature, seeing kindness of people, love
Character Dislikes: treachery, heartbreak, betrayal, cruelty to humans and animals
Hobbies: Talking to animals, Singing, Looking down on humans, helping them make the right choice
Strengths: Her control of elements, communication and protector of Animals, Promoter of love
Weaknesses: Heartbreak, betrayal, her good nature being manipulated.

Background Information:

Born in the 1960's Ariel was born as Aria Nightingale. She was a young girl, a weak on at that, in a sea of change that was occurring. When she was born, her heart was weak, it's rhythm was hiccuped and it weakened her whole body making her petite and her skin always pale. But with segregation, and the Vietnam war, she had to see a lot of hate. The temptation was great, she realized this as she saw the people around her changing. Just as the song said "Times They Are A-Changing". they were people were going crazy, and Aria found herself running from the hate and the violence. Her death was a tragic one; she had fallen in a love with a young soldier, and as he went off to war, she begged him to come back to her. She was sixteen as he left her. Every time she heard that the ship was arriving bringing in soldiers she'd go to the pier and wait. Her eyes filled with tears as he never got off, but what broke her heart was the very last letter.

Dearest Love,
I find myself not wanting to say these words but they are necessary. I find that I can no longer return to you, it is not death that is pulling me, but rather my heart. You my dear are the sweetest of sweet, but I have found myself my soul mate. You are too pure, too prudish for me to even think of corrupting you. I've seen death, I've seen horrible sins in front of me, and I've committed some. Now I find myself saying to you that I can no longer promise you that marriage.
Out time has to end. I love you very much, but it's not enough to remain with you.

Your Former Love,


Tears that is all that she could do, she cried. He had left her because of what he'd done the killing the cruelty and he didn't want to corrupt her. That pushed her on for months, that is until she learned the truth. In reality, he had been unfaithful, impregnated a woman and married her because of that reason. Her heart, it could not take it and in tears, her sleep her heart stopped beating.

When she opened her eyes she found herself at the gates. She cried as she realized what had occurred, she was told that because of her purity she was accepted to the gates of heaven. She became an Angel, A Throne at first and she moved towards the earth aiding humans make the right choice. When the archangel Ariel died, she was surprised to find herself, after forty years of service, she was found to be the right choice to take her place.

Her wings her removed and she was given bigger wings, along with elemental powers of nature, and her communication with animals.

Extra Info: She is a sucker for love.

Weapon of choice: Her powers or Bow and arrows
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Ariel Angel of Nature
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